Welkom to „Wall and Tales“ – a reflective blog about my journey from an idea to a degree essay in the field of Interior Architecture and Design.

Let me tell you a bit about myself, so that you know where I come from, what I am passionate about and what I do every day.

My name is Eva Kindler, I live in Mülheim, a town close to Düsseldorf, Germany. I am a mother of three small children, which makes studying a challenge sometimes.

In fact, I am already an active blogger running an Interior Design blog called Waldfrieden State. For almost four years now, I write about Interiors, Interior Trends, upcoming brands and travels, mostly to North America, where I used to live for a few years. I view my blog as my creative outlet and also as an important Marketing tool to build my future client base. I am also active on various social media channels. For example, you can find my on Instagram @waldfriedenstate

My passion for Interior Design was rekindled after I bought a landmark building called Waldfrieden (it means „peace of the woods“ in English). I always wanted to study Interior Design, but did not have the courage after my A-levels. I feared, I lack the artistic talent, because I was really bad at sketching. So I proceeded with earning a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Linguistics and working in Advertising for a few years.

The work on „Waldfrieden“ brought me so much joy and long lost passion that I decided to study Interior Architecture and Design. As there is no possibility to study IAD online in Germany, I decided to pursue it in the UK.