Since deciding on the new topic, I quickly started the research process. It took me over a week to source all the available articles on The Ace Hotel. Almost all of them are from rather public domains such as Arcdhaily, New York Times, Financial Times. Some of them are from artistic magazines both offline and online such as B Magazine, which is a bimonthly publication from South Korea that dedicates an entire magazine to one brand only. They published one edition on The Ace, but it was sold out completely. I wrote the publisher, but he could not help me. I was then able to find a magazine shop in Germany that carried the magazine and the owner has The Ace edition in his private collection. He then scanned the entire magazine and sent it to me. It was worth the effort as the magazine has a lot of valuable information for my degree essay.

I focused my research on the following keywords: Experience Economy, low-impact ID, reuse of historic buildings, Ace Hotel, Boutique Hotel, localization, Hipster and a combination of the above. While I have the feeling that I found quite a substantial amount of sources for some of the topics such as Boutique Hotels, Ace Hotel and Hipster, I lack the theoretical basis of my analysis. My tutor, Dawn Correia, confirmed this. She gave me two recommendations that I have ordered.

I find that the most difficult part is the linking of IAD theory with my topic. In general, I am not really familiar with IAD theory, which was never really an issue before as it was not required to read IAD theory works. Now it hits me hard. I don’t have the time to read any more books as I really need to start the structuring of my essay. It bothers me that my degree essay will only scratch the surface of this topic, but I made the decision to move on to the next phase of the essay to make the deadline.

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