As I mentioned in my previous blog post, my favorite topic was topi No.3: „The instagrammability of hospitality spaces and the possible effect on hospitality design“. My tutor Dawn warned me very early own that this would not be feasible, but I was fixated on this topic.

I drafted an informal research plan, where I outlined my strategy for the degree essay on this topic. For example, to determine a possible preference for instagrammable places by Instagram users, I planned to conduct a survey with Surverymonkey among Instagram users.

But Dawn made it very clear that the lack of research material, the insufficient link to Interior Architecture and Design and the volume of this research question makes this topic undoable for me in ten weeks time.

This was a shock for me initially, as I really had set my mind on this topic and invested two weeks of research time already. But there is no use in holding on to something that might risk me passing this module.

A possible route for a new research question presented itself in the form of lifestyle hotels that I had planned to include in the Instagrammability topic. I read a few articles on the definition of lifestyle and boutique hotels, but was unable to find research articles on the Interior Design of lifestyle hotels.

Dawn suggested that I should look into the building of a local community of the lifestyle hotel brand Ace Hotel. This is very new information. We just discussed this today. But I feel comfortable with this topic suggestion. I stayed at a few ACE hotels previously and introduces two of them on my private Interior Design blog Waldfrieden State. However, I only focused on the interior design in my blog posts and not on the philosophy behind the Ace hotel group.

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