This is my first blog post in a series of posts about my journey from an idea to my degree essay in the field of Interior Architecture and Design.

I am a student at the IDI / University of Hertfordshire in the BA (HONS) Interior Architecture and Design Programme. The task of the current semester „Critical and Cultural Studies Level 6 – Degree Essay“ is, as you might have guessed, to write my Degree Essay.

Here is how I have interpreted the brief: 

The tasks this semester is to produce a significant, extensive and critical body of theoretical work that deals in-depth with the histories, theories, social, cultural, technical or ecological issues informing a contemporary Interior Architecture and Design practice.

The topic should link to my own professional practice as well as to the here and now. In addition, it needs to have a connection to real-life interactions that take place between the various stakeholders of the Interior Architecture and Design practice. After the finalization of my Degree Essay, I have broadened my theoretical horizon and gained valuable in-depth insight into the chosen field of research I conducted. This helps me establish myself professionally.

I have some initial ideas for the Degree Essay that relate to the essay I produced in Level 5. There, I conducted a quantitative analysis on „How Interior Architecture and Design Progressionals utilize the Social Media Networks Pinterest and Instagram“, which I could now set in a more theoretical context. However, I have not set my mind on my Final Project and would not know what it should entail.

Also, I am concerned that I might not be able to acquire the amount of secondary research material in time that is required in the Summative Assessment 01 of this module. Based on my experience of a previous Master Degree and the accompanied Master’s Thesis, I know that such an extensive body of work develops over time and might require additional research material at a later stage.

I believe it is essential to decide on a fruitful topic and the relevant research material very early in the process. But this might have a negative impact on the quality of the essay.

My goal for this week is to reflect on three possible essay topics and narrow down my scope. 

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